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Enrich your living space with a home renovation or alteration

Do you love where you live and would it be even better after a home renovation? Do you simply need more space? Or are you after a modern, fresh looking bathroom or a functional kitchen? We can work with you to make your renovation ideas a reality.

Starting a home renovation can be daunting. Some people may even procrastinate to getting started. But not to worry, we have a lot of experience in this area and are happy to help. We created a simple process that will guide you from start to finish on your renovation journey.

At Profound Group, we have the in-house capacity to start from idea to plan and completion of your renovation. We are here to create the best solutions and designs for your home renovation or alteration together. We will make sure we understand your needs, and can assist with the best solutions throughout the process.

We’re here to complete your home renovation with the high standard, attention to detail, and execution that Profound Group are known for. Our focus on workmanship, attention to detail, and good communication saw us win the 2018 Taranaki Master Builders builder of the year award for the million dollars plus category.

Workmanship, straightforward communication & attention to detail.

Bathroom Renovations

Smooth sailing and quality in your bathroom renovation

Bathrooms are nowadays often used as a space where you showcase your personal style and where you can have a moment for yourself, relax and unwind.

Since the start of our business in Taranaki, we’ve done more than 50 bathroom renovations and alterations and there are some secrets to a successful project that we’d like to share with you.

Bathrooms, often the smallest space in your house are often the most complicated and disruptive space during renovations. You’ll need a multitude of subcontractors that need to be lined up like puzzle pieces to fit together. If the plumber still needs to connect the mixer, the tiler has to wait… With our experience, connections, problem solving skills and reliable subcontractors, we’ll make sure your bathroom renovation is a smooth process with minimum disruption and a top notch end result.

Kitchen Renovations

Functionality and style in your new kitchen

A kitchen is mostly the hub of our homes, the place where we socialise, create and share delicious experiences. Modern kitchens are nowadays designed for our change in needs when it comes to devices, appliances, space and can be lot more functional than your average kitchen 30 years ago.

Our partners at Elite Kitchen are our preferred choice when it comes to combining style, design and functionality into a custom made plan that works with you. We work together with Elite Kitchen to deliver an exceptional service for your kitchen renovation, we ensure that all additional subcontractors are all lined up to make this process as simple as possible with as little disruption for you as we can.

Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations Examples

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Our experienced team of builders lead by Isiah Reynolds, are excellent problem solvers and have seen many mistakes and brilliant solutions along the way. Our experience shows in our quality of work, know how, eye for design and through smooth processes for everyone involved.

Idea, Concept, Design, Plan

We take you through our simple and effective process to help you from initial idea to a beautiful home.

Quality & Perfection

During the build, we keep everyone aligned through our communication tools and eye for detail. Ensuring we’re all working toward the same end goals – a beautiful living space for you to enjoy.

Understanding the Renovation Process

We understand a renovation is not a walk in the park. There are many moving elements and we’re here to help you make this as smooth as possible for everyone involved.

isiah reynolds

1. Meeting

The initial meeting is there for both of us to understand your needs, expectations, potential challenges you have and is an opportunity for you to get to know us.

2. Planning

Once we know your initial expectations and requirements, we’ll work with you on concept drawings and design. Assist with any subdivisions and council submissions. We’ve got a team of experts ready to help with these processes.

new build

3. Building

During the building process, we’ll keep you up to date with daily check-ins. Keep an overview for you on what we’re working on and make sure that any changes and decisions are noted systemically. We’ll assist with the decision making for products when you’re unsure.

4. Completion

Upon completion of the renovation project, we make sure we have delivered a high quality end result that will stand the test of time. We’re part of the Master Builder guarantee, which means that with any renovation project above 30k we will guarantee our quality for 10 years. For more information about Master Builders and the guarantee we offer, you can read more about this on the Master Builder guarantee page here.

Your Renovation is Guaranteed

As Licensed Building Practitioners and certified Master Builders you can rest assured your renovation is guaranteed and in safe experienced hands.

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Our goal is to always provide an exceptional level of service, and we aim to make the building process a fun enjoyable experience.

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Renovations FAQ

Every home renovation will have a different timeframe to complete. This would depend on the scope of work and whether you’re looking at a kitchen, bathroom or home renovation (or all of the above!)

On average though, we would be spending about 4-6 weeks on site to complete a home renovation. This is exclusive of the concepts/design process – which sometimes can take up to 3 – 6 months.

Ideally we do all our renovations with our own team of subcontractors. Home renovations can get complex with many subcontractors involved. We as Profound Group pride ourselves for working with the best of the region, delivering high quality of work. By working with our own subcontractors, we can make sure that the project management runs as smooth as possible, and everyone knows what is expected to be completed in certain timeframes.

However, feel free to discuss this with us at the time. Chances are we already know the subcontractor and may have worked together already. We’ll advise you the best cause of action at the time.

Profound Group is based in New Plymouth and most of the home renovations we do is in and around the city. We do some projects in other areas around the Taranaki region and would simply charge for our travel costs.

Interior design for your renovation is an important part to make your renovation a success. During the concept and design process, there is plenty of opportunity to consider your design decisions. Some of our clients involve an interior designer, ensuring to not only consider functionality but also have advise about current styles and trends.

We love the work from Marion Hutchinson, she’s been involved in many of our renovation projects and helps you on your design journey or with choosing fittings and products during the renovation for a small fee. Check out her website for more information.

Isiah and the team of builders have also seen many homes, bathrooms and kitchens being developed and believe they do have an eye for style and trend. You can always ask for their opinions too…!

To get your home renovation project started, we ask for a 20% to 30% deposit.

This deposit will be used to order your kitchen or bathroom furniture, fittings and products. So that, when we start with your renovation, all the products are all ready for the project. The deposit percentage will depend on the products and fittings we have to order.

The other percentage of the payment is expected to be paid in full upon completion of the home renovation.